5 CR horses Entered, 5 headed to B.I. Finals

Team Tuff has done it again...

3Rices Big 5

This time at the Breeders Invitational. Our five stars of the season include '11 CR Too Tuff $53,872'11 CR Missnjethro Woody LTE $40,317,'11 CR Tuff Lucy LTE $142,632, '11 CR Highlight and '11 CR A Little Peek, four of which were Futurity Finalists as well. Each of these incredible horses has had a great season in their own right, including THREE Woody Be Tuff babies, folks! We are excited to see what Ronnie, Boyd and Tarin can do Saturday night at the Open Finals in Tulsa. Its our pleasure to have such talent atop our horses in the show pen, and standing behind us as we continue to promote our stud Woody Be Tuff and develop our training program.

And take a look at this impressive statistics regarding the sires of the Open Finalists.

BreedersInvitational SireStats